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Update 7.7.2 Empty Update 7.7.2

Post by DogManDan on Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:10 pm

New Weapon: Mire - a gruesome infested sword capable of spreading disease.
New Weapon Skin: Manticore - a Grineer war axe that deals more damage than the Scindo but has slower swing speed.
Add support for showing active squads for alerts.
Added an option in controls to toggle wall run to a tap instead of holding jump.
New Screen to customize your Gamepad Controls.


Defense reward popup now lasts for a full 15 seconds even if all players have voted.
Sniper rifle uses new fire recoil animation.


Fixed an animation issue with interrupting a reload with a melee swing.
Fixed melee weapon sticking in hands when melee interrupted by using a power.
Fixed intro cinematic replaying if spending a revive in the Dojo.
Fixed issue where selecting an alert directly from the main menu's alert list would host a public session regardless of what mode you were playing.
Fixed Online mode dropdown not refreshing when backing out of lobby.
Fixed per-node squad counts disappearing after selecting node with no players.
Fixed locally-selected online mode getting clobbered by the value of the last session you were in.
Fixed an issue with players being unable to use powers after being affected by a stagger damage type during the power cast animation.
Fixed various powers not affecting the Grinders and Turrets.
Fixed Contagion granting invincibility.
Fixed mod descriptions not showing up in non-latin character sets.
+ Fixed "power in use bug" with Rhino Stomp.
+ Fixed drop table problems with high level enemies (was reversed, reducing variety, now is increasing drop variety properly)
+ CPU performance improvements when lighting dynamic objects/characters.


Contagion damage for Saryn fixed.
Fixed Looping Reload animation.
Fixed Slash Dash not working on Client
Faction Swaps and Combinations will now occur again.


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