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Post by DogManDan on Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:15 pm

7.7.1 Hot-fix + "About last night..."

Some of you may have noticed our change lists from yesterday were incomplete (/sarcasm).

While we are apt to make controversial changes in Warframe until the end of time, it is our intention to be upfront about it*. How else would I maintain this supple flame-singed hue? We are formalizing how the changelists are compiled in the future. We will never be perfect, but we can do better.

Here is what 7.7.1 has as well as important notes absent from the prior update:
-Chat server upgraded to allow moderation, unified authentication and blunt the hacking attempts.
-Increased the curve of AI damage/shields for higher level enemies... but then:
-After more testing, toned down those same curves for high level enemies (split the difference).
-Reduced simultaneous enemy counts when playing Solo.
-Restored missing sounds (Hek).
-Rollback frame-rate dependency fixes for automatic weapons (too much fallout, but this is fixed properly soon).
-Added more blueprints to Alerts (Alt helmets, Weapon skins).
-Increase health, shields and regeneration on Cryo-casket in Defense Mode.
-Rare Mods are now... rare. Faction drop tables were boosting probabilities past Common in some cases.
-Fix gear becoming unequipped after relogin/return from mission.
-Fix default Exalibur appearing on title screen.
-Removed work-in-progress loadout preset option (incomplete).

*-excluding things we want to surprise you with.

About turn-around time: We do not have moderation and customer support 24/7. I think it is heading that way, but it's not there yet. Try to temper "Wtf no dev response!" with that in mind.

About chat: Chat moderation is ad-hoc, but if you're being a jerk we will warn you, kick you, ban you, then suspend your account. Remember the Tenno ways. Humor and Honor are not mutually exclusive.

About difficulty: We are planning more difficulty choice to sidestep the Goldilocks problem here. As much as you think the game is too easy or too hard there is always someone who feels the opposite. Internally we felt the early-game was too hard, the end-game a bit too easy. The longer-term fix is to give players choice since one size does not fit all.

Next: Bug fixes of course! This goes in tandem with new hotness. In the next few weeks expect tileset expansion, new weapons and more crazy Mods. Update 8 (dramatic cue: "Rise of the Warlords") has also begun which will be a leap forward for Warframe and breathe a sense of life and purpose into Warframe Clans.

(Also note the absurd number scheme, don't take 7.7.x as 8 being just around the corner... it is not)


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