Update 7.4 Hotfixes

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Update 7.4 Hotfixes Empty Update 7.4 Hotfixes

Post by DogManDan on Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:21 pm

Latest batch of hot-fixes!

- Sentinel weapons can now have mods, currently uses player's rifle/pistol mods
- Fixed minimap breaking when trying to cycle camera when not in spectator mode
- Fixed some alternate helmets not affecting stats as intended
- Fixed avatar completely missing from intro cinematics in offline mode
- Potential fix for Apex related crashes/freezes
- Improved chatbox error handling and connectivity
- Fixed chatbox breaking when attempting to send a whitespace only message
- Platinum should now update when closing the steam overlay
- Fixed an issue with infinite slide up slopes
- Fixed an issue with wall strike melee attacks
- All melee weapons should now count towards the Melee Kill challenge
- Weapon skins and alternate helmets can only be purchased once
- Fixed client's Artifact Card not applying when joining in progress and using same card as host
- Fixed Physique Artifact Card not bestowing increased max health on Host
- Saryn's Moult decoy no longer holds a pistol
- Fixed fusion process for high level cores as well as issue where fusion amount would sometimes decrease when adding a core
- Fixed an issue with host migration forcing the next wave to start even if players choose to claim and exit
- Fixed chat user list not re-populating after returning from mission


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