Need for Speed The Run on Wii

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Need for Speed The Run on Wii

Post by DogManDan on Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:14 pm

My son came home the other day from being out with my Mother-in-Law and she allowed him to buy a Wii game so being a boy he saw The Run and picked it up. Immediately when my wife saw it she calls me and starts going nuts becuase it says 10yrs & up with violence and sexual content.

I said that I will have to look at it before he plays it and that it would have to be when the younder 2 are in bed as I am basing it off the PC version I had. So first thing I noticed that he game uses the Classic Controller so I took advantge and was able to order up the controllers Smile

I picked up 3 as we have 3 remotes and the game has a 4 player split screen mode. I actually got the Pro controller which essentially is a PS2 controller so its very easy to use.

Anyway so on lunch I went home today and put the game in to try it. The controller is great and works flawless, but holy cow the game is nothing like the PC/PS3/XBox version at all. It is entirely dumbed down to the basics. Graphics are that of a PS2 except for the car you drive which is a bit better. The cut scenes are actually comic strips with words and people talking and done in such a way that my 5yr old has seen worse than this.

Gameplay has the same campaign but you you start with a lotus elise as in the comic cut scene you trashed your mustang into a river. The polic cars are there but in game the lights don't work unless its a little cut scene for jumping over them.

You have markers telling you where to drive and turn, to use nitro or e-brake and all you need to watch out for is the little boxes (opposing traffic) that is coming at you. All in all it should be fun for them to play but it is nowhere near the game I thought it would be.

As we aquire more games I see how much influence Nintendo makes on Developers to make the game family friendly so to speak.


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