Finally Building Rhino!

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Finally Building Rhino! Empty Finally Building Rhino!

Post by DogManDan on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:55 pm

Finally got the Rhino Systems blueprint today after soloing the Jackyl on my own. As you can see I have the chassis built, am in the process of the system being built and just need some more rubedo to build the helmet. So close! I have 2 catalyst reactors in my storage so I know where my next one goes!

Finally Building Rhino! 891991_437260953025103_205716539_o

Found a glitch that makes it easy to solo Jackyl simply by drawing to the opposite side of a pillar. You stand behind the pillar and he can't see you and just stands there with his front leg hanging out asking to be shot. Takes some time and you must watch out for the little guys dropping those bombs on you, but if he is in the right spot he will not move at all, will never shoot anything out and if he does it is blocked by the wall.


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