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Digital Extremes Ltd. is one of the industry's leading independent game development studios and develops content for a variety of platforms including Playstation3 and Xbox360. Established in 1993, the London-based company is behind such popular video game titles as BioShock, Dark Sector and the Unreal Tournament series. Digital Extremes is recognized for pioneering game design, visuals and technology as well as developing its own proprietary game development software that is designed to reduce the risk and costs of game development -- for itself and other game developers.

Physical Workplace - Rating: A
Digital Extremes' physical workplace is rated as exceptional. The company recently moved into a state-of-the art, open-concept head office that is located in London's historic downtown core. Designed with employee feedback, the custom designed facility features 30 foot, open ceilings with exposed beams as well as a number of unique amenities, including an in-house theatre and a full sized commercial kitchen and dining room, with two full-time chefs who prepare healthy (and free) meals daily for employees. The head office also features an employee lounge (with fireplace, music, television, magazines, video games, pool table, board games and table tennis that's home to an in-house ping-pong tournament); nap room; secure bicycle parking; free parking; and free snacks (chips, popcorn, cookies, roasted peanuts, granola bars, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese and fresh fruit daily).

Work Atmosphere & Communications - Rating: B+
Digital Extremes' work atmosphere is rated as above-average. On the job, employees enjoy casual dress daily; can listen to music while working; employee sports teams; organized social events. The employee social committee (called the Fun Brigade) organizes a variety of social events throughout the year, including a Christmas party, summer barbeque, product launch parties, an Oktoberfest lunch, and periodic pub nights and dinners. Every year, the company sponsors a variety of fun sports activities, including employee dodgeball, indoor soccer, field hockey and even paintball. Digital Extremes captures feedback and keeps employees informed about new developments through a corporate intranet site; traditional suggestion box; email suggestion box.

Financial Benefits & Compensation - Rating: A
Digital Extremes' financial benefits are rated as very good. To keep salaries competitive the company participates in outside salary surveys every 12 months. Individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months. In addition to paying competitive compensation rates, the company provides profit-sharing plan for all employees; signing bonuses for some employees; year-end bonuses for all employees; generous year-end bonuses (to $40,000), depending on the position; matching RSP contributions; new employee referral bonuses (to $1,000 for some positions); life & disability insurance; discounted games.

Health & Family-Friendly Benefits - Rating: B+
Digital Extremes' health and family benefits are rated as above-average. The company's benefit plan is managed by Great West Life. As part of the health plan, the employer pays 100% of the premiums. Employees who work 20 hours per week receive coverage. The maximum waiting period for new employees is 90 days. Family coverage is available on the health benefits plan. The basic plan includes routine dental; restorative dental; orthodontics; eyecare ($250 every 2 years); traditional medicine coverage; alternative medicine coverage; employee assistance (EAP) plan; healthclub subsidy (to $300 each year); medical equipment and supplies; massage therapy; homecare; travel insurance. The company's $300 fitness club subsidy may also be directed to a variety of healthy activities, from personal trainer services to recreational hockey league fees. Digital Extremes' family-friendly benefits include; maternity top-up payments (to 80% of salary for 24 weeks); parental leave top-up for new fathers (to 100% of salary for 2 weeks); parental leave top-up for adoptive parents (to 100% of salary for 2 weeks). Additional family-friendly benefits include; flexible working hours; shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay); telecommuting.

Vacation & Personal Time-Off - Rating: B+
Digital Extremes' vacation and personal time-off are rated as very good. New employees receive 2 weeks of vacation allowance after their first year. Vacation increases after 2 years on the job. Long-serving employees receive a maximum of 4 weeks of vacation each year. During the Christmas to New Year's holiday break, employees receive an additional 5 days off. Employees receive 5 paid sick days every year. Employees can schedule 5 personal days off each year, as needed. (Vacation jumps to 4 weeks after only 4 years on-the-job).

Employee Engagement - Rating: A+
Digital Extremes' employee engagement program is rated as very good. Employees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months. Managers receive training in how to conduct effective performance reviews. Performance feedback is also solicited from co-workers and other managers familiar with each employee's work. As part of the review process employees can provide confidential feedback on their manager's performance. The company celebrated project completions with pub nights, bowling or a evening at the movies. In addition, project completion bonuses may also be part of the celebration. Digital Extremes sponsors its own in-house employee satisfaction survey. (Surveys are conducted every 6 months); Digital Extremes hires an outside consultant to conduct confidential employee satisfaction and engagement surveys. (These surveys are held every 12 months).

Training & Skills Development - Rating: B+
Digital Extremes' training and skills development program is rated as exceptional. Employees receive tuition subsidies for courses related to their position. Employees may also receive tuition subsidies for courses unrelated to their current position. In addition to generous tuition subsidies (with no set annual maximum), the company supports ongoing education with subsidies for professional accreditations; financial bonuses for course completions; in-house training programs; online training programs; new employee orientation program; financial bonuses the completion of certain accreditations (to $1,000).

Community Involvement - Rating: B+
Digital Extremes' community involvement program is rated as very good. The company directs it charitable support to a number of local initiatives. Employees take part in the selection of charitable groups assisted each year. Employees receive paid time off to volunteer with their favourite charitable organizations. Approximately 10 charitable and community organizations were supported last year. To encourage employee giving, Digital Extremes surveys employees about their favourite charities, with employees voting for their favourite two or three charitable organizations from a list of suggestions. The company follows-up by matching all employee donations.





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