The Race Returns 2013

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The Race Returns 2013

Post by DogManDan on Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:59 am

"GRID 2 is edging ever closer to the finish line and we’ll be there with you every step of the way, with plenty of reveals to come too."

The sequel to GRID. You’d been waiting a long time. We’d been waiting a long time. So it so it was great to finally be able to lift the curtain earlier this year. Since we announced GRID 2 over four months ago, we’ve done a lot of exciting things, from unleashing our announcement trailer to the world to attending the Eurogamer Expo.

In fact, The Eurogamer Expo was a real highlight; being able to put the game in your hands, talk to you, our Community, hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We also held a developer session where we took to the stage and unveiled LiveRoutes™. And we delivered the first very look at the Red Bull Ring, a track that we know our Circuit racing fans will really enjoy. There’s nothing like racing a BAC Mono or KTM X-Bow around this legendary track and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourselves.

The overall response from Eurogamer Expo was fantastic. You can’t beat seeing people playing the game in real-time. It’s a great buzz. We were a little nervous about putting pre-alpha code into the hands of players so early – there’s a lot of work to go in for the code to meet the standards we want to set. But we’re glad we did. The feedback we had was great. We had a lot of developers on the show-floor to demo the game and get your thoughts, watch how people play the game. We took away all your suggestions, we read all the thoughts you posted online and it’s all really useful in helping us shape up the next few months of development.

Listening to the Community is something that we do on a daily basis. In fact we never stop. Whenever someone posts a comment, good or bad, we take it on board; we discuss it as a team. We don’t always agree, and we can’t implement all of your suggestions or ideas. But your feedback is always important to us and does get heard. We’re confident that when you sit down months from now with the finished code, you’ll have something a little bit special in your hands and hopefully see why we’ve made the choice we have.

During the last few months of the year we’ve been hard at work on GRID 2, from fine tuning all the internal systems such as our TrueFeel™ handling model to constantly improving our visuals and VFX. We’ve also been busy on a number of super-secret things that we’re not allowed to talk about yet. But we will…

It’s hard to imagine it being four months since we announced GRID 2 and we know many of you still have questions regarding the kind of things we’re adding to the game whether it’s cars, modes, circuits or multiplayer content. We’re looking forward to answering all your questions as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned to our channels.

Finally, from everyone here on the GRID 2 team and at Codemasters we wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to sharing what will be an exciting New Year with you. GRID 2 is edging ever closer to the finish line and we’ll be there with you every step of the way, with plenty of reveals to come too.

See you in 2013!

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