Roles & Ranks in the crew

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Roles & Ranks in the crew

Post by DogManDan on Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:45 am

Master Officer Position is the high command level in the crew. These consist of players who ae former founders, leaders, or proven themselves to be in this positions. They have all brought in members to this community and without question are well known IMO within NFSW. This position has full responsibilities of being a leader. It will be up to this group to run and maintain the crew, handle all issues, and make ideas for events and contests.

Senior Officer position is that of leaders which had smaller crews, co-leaders of former crews, and members who have stepped down (for any reason) from the Master position. They have brought members and have pushed to be active and help in anyway possible. This position is a partial responsible position or co-leader style. You will help to run and maintain the crew, seek new members, refer issues to a Master Officer (as needed), and help with event and contest ideas/running.

Junior Officer position is that of positive role models in the game, active when they can be, helpful to many, and here long enough to deserve this title. The firs step up in the ladder of the crew. A respected member position if you will. To achieve this position the Master,Senior, and Commanders will privately vote on members worthy of this. It is the start of leadership and we would expect you to prove you want to move higher in the Army.

Crew is the general population of members coming in new and/or former regular crew members of the other crews we have/had here. Everyone would need to sign up to be part of the crew again so that we could determine who active and who is not.

I believe that if we come together in strength and unity again as one we can show NFSW how good we are as a community and crew. This should make it easier to grow from perspective based on who we are.


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